Each year the Parish Council raises monies by way of the Council Tax which is collected through Preston City Council and appears on your Council Tax Bill if you are a resident of this neighbourhood. The monies are used to provide a range of services for the benefit of residents and are accounted for in the Neighbourhoods Council's accounting systems. These records are audited locally in the first instance and then also by an independently appointed auditor who signs off the Annual Return for each year. Notices are placed on our notice boards when the audit has been completed and gives residents an opportunity to view the accounts should they so desire. The Neighbourhood Council are now required to publish the Annual Return on its web site and also the Statement of CIL monies that have been received and how they have been spent. The latter information is included with the end of year accounts summary which is also available below:

 AGAR 2017/18     PUBLIC RIGHTS NOTICE 2017/18


ANNUAL AUDIT 2016 / 2017        ANNUAL ACCOUNTS 2016 / 2017      EXPENDITURE 2016 / 2017