How do I report

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Gas Leak

Can you smell gas? Feeling ill? Headaches… nausea… dizziness? Telephone Gas Emergency 0800 111 999

Link: Gas Emergency

Report a road fault –

Use the above link to report everything from potholes in the road to moss on the pavement.

pick up after you dog

Be a Responsibe Dog Owner.

Pick it up and BIN IT


YOU COULD BE FINED up to £1000

Your Neighbourhood Council is taking this issue seriously.

To report dog fouling, telephone 01772 906907

or via the web at the link below.

Link: Dog Fouling. How to report It

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Report a crime – There are four main ways that you can report a crime:-

In an emergency situation such as a life or death situation or the crime is in progress, dial 999.
If it is a non-emergency situation, dial 101 and speak to one of our Communications Operators.
Contact your local Police on 203203.
Visit your local police station.

0800 555 111

or follow link for online form

Last year 4,687 people were charged with drugs-related crimes thanks to information passed to us anonymously. Crimestoppers’ guarantee of anonymity has never been broken.

Your name is not known or made public – We will never ask for your name – Your call will not be recorded – Your call or online form will not be traced – You will not have to make a statement to the police – You will not appear in court.

We know that our guarantee to never ask for your name or record your call is vitally important to you. It makes it easier for you to come forward, breaking the silence around criminal activity and removing your fear.

Link: Crimestoppers Direct to online form

fly tipping

Grot Spots / Fly Tipping

How to report an issue with litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, fly-posting and abandoned vehicles.
Link: Grot spots (Preston City Council)

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Faulty Street Lighting

Link: Street Lighting Fault Reporting (Lancashire County Council)

or telephone 0845 053 0011 and please provide name of town or village, name of road or general location and the number painted on the light column or the nearest house number.

Reporting an unlicensed vehicle on a public road.

If you wish to anonymously report a vehicle that appears to be unlicensed and used/kept on the public road you may submit the details electronically using the link below.

Please note, if you are unable to supply a postcode it may delay any action. You can find out the post code by following the link in the Royal Mail Box below.