In an emergency such as a life or death situation or the crime is in progress dial                     



Ingol & Tanterton Pact Meeting 7th November 2012

In a non emergency situation call


and speak to one of our communications operatives


Police and Communities Together, or PACT, is the name we give to making sure you have a say and involvement in how your local neighbourhood is policed. The PACT process gives you the chance to meet your neighbourhood policing team every month, have a say on how your neighbourhood is policed and monitor our performance.

At the PACT meeting you can tell your neighbourhood policing team what issues concern you. After discussion, the people at the meeting decides on the top three policing priorities for the month. The neighbourhood policing team will report back to the next meeting on the progress made on solving the issues - sometimes working with other agencies. PACT meetings are open to everyone to have their say.