THR Before


Tanterton Hall Road at the Junction of Threefields


 Stolen plants


Planters where bedding plants have been removed


Mayfield Avenue after

Mayfield Avenue                             


Barry Avenue After


Barry Avenue                                                                            


Path After


Path between Mayfield Ave & Tanterton Hall Rd


Tanterton Hall Road After


Tanterton Hall Road between The Avenue &

New Rough Hey
















Neighbourhood Councils Lengthsman


The lengthsman, Mark, is a self employed contractor who undertakes work for the Neighbourhood Council.


His latest works include: path edging on Tanterton Hall Road, maintaining the planters on Tag Lane and tidying the corner around St Margeret's Church.


Opposite are some examples of "improvement" works.

If you "mouse over" the pictures, the benefits can be seen as after pictures.



The 'Lengthsman' is in essence the re-incarnation of an old concept of a local person contracted to keep a "length" of road neat and tidy. Usually the approaches to town/village.


Employed by the local parish council, his job was to keep the grass and weeds cut down at the edge of the road and the drainage ditch clear.


The term was also applied in days of the 'canal era' when workers were employed to maintain a 'length' of the tow path and locks in his "length".


The modern lengthsmans role has now been expanded to tackle small scale environmental projects and tend to areas such as village greens, public areas, roadside paths and verges.


Today, Mark who undertakes the role for Ingol and Tanterton NC does not maintain the tow paths but he does undertake a range of duties which are aimed at further enhancing the area above and beyond that which is undertaken by the principal authorities of Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council.